Getting the Best Bargains on eBay

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ebay logoOnline shopping has transformed the way we buy things, but eBay in particular is a marketplace unlike any other. Businesses and individuals with second hand items are found side-by-side. “Buy it Now” items from countless independent sellers alongside the auctions which form eBay’s flagship feature.

The auction and selling site can be a great place to find bargains, but it is also easy to get stung or carried away with an auction and end up paying over the odds. Tactics you can use to help make sure you get good bargains include:

Don’t Rely on eBay Alone

Very often, the cheapest prices can be found on eBay – but this is definitely not something you can assume. Look on other sites like Amazon to see if there are better prices out there, rather than relying on eBay alone to look for bargains.

Sort Your Results

Always sort your search results instead of leaving them on eBay’s default “Best Match” ordering. Which order you choose, however, depends on what you are looking for:

  • Cheap Auctions: Sort by “Time: Ending Soonest” to bring auctions that will finish soon to the top of the list. Look for items that are going to finish in minutes or hours and are still at low prices, and then items that you might want to add to your “Watch List” for later.
  • Buy-it-Now Bargains: Simply sort by “Price+P&P: Lowest First.” Don’t confuse this with “Price: Lowest First” which excludes postage charges and therefore doesn’t reflect the amount you will actually pay. With some items such as gadgets, however, you may find yourself sorting through pages of 99p accessories before getting to the item you want.
  • Second Hand Items: This is a little more complex. Most second hand bargains are listed as auctions, so sort your results accordingly. Buy-it-Now listings can and should also be checked as you would at any other time. However, if you have had a good look through the items and want to wait and see if you get a better deal another time, in future you should sort Buy-it-Now listings by “Time: Newly Listed.” This will bring listings that have been placed since you last looked to the top, and help you find bargain Buy-it-Now prices that might not last for long before being snapped up.

Bid Tactically

Don’t just bid at any old time – think carefully about when and how to bid. If you think the item may go for the starting price or not much more, it may be worth placing a bid as soon as you are sure that you want to. Other people are less likely to bid if they see that a bid has already been placed than if they see that nobody has bid yet, and this can put off competition. If you think other bids are inevitable, wait until the last day. This will help you see whether the price stays low enough to be of interest, and give other bidders less time to outbid you.

If you are outbid shortly before the auction ends and want to bid back, leave it until the most last-minute moment you can stomach. This significantly reduces the chance that the other bidder will simply, instantly outbid you again. However, don’t get carried away and pay more than you intend, or more than you would pay if you simply bought the item elsewhere.

How to save money on Mondays

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Do not fall into Monday blues by making the most of your money on the first day of the working week. No matter how big or small are your funds, here are some amazing discount deals that are available for every pocket.

Mondays at Yo Sushi

The deal at Yo Sushi is called ‘Blue Plate’ day when fifty of its best dishes are reduced to £2.50 a plate which saves you up to 40% on their usual prices. Some of these discounted dishes include things like spicy pepper squid, tuna maki and duck and moromi miso hand roll. However, keep in mind that freshly cooked hot dishes will be still available at their standard price. The Yo Sushi outlets are open until late, around 10pm, on Mondays.

Half price meals at The Slug and Lettuce

The ‘Happy Monday’ deal at Slug and Lettuce will really make your Monday happy. You automatically get 50% off your food bill at whatever time your turn up there. You can choose anything from their standard menu from chilli con carne to sausages, burgers and chicken dishes. If this is not a great deal, I don’t know what is.

25% off at Frankie & Benny’s

Frankie & Benny’s deal is called ‘Monday Madness’. With that offer you get 25% off your food bill every Monday evening. Frankie & Benny’s claim to be a New York Italian restaurant and bar whose menu includes things such as burgers, pastas, meatballs, salads and steaks.

The only thing you need to do in order to enjoy this deal is to turn up anytime from 5pm to 10pm in one of their 200 locations. And you can even make the most of their free Wi-Fi, in case you have some unfinished work for the day.

A Mojito on the house

Until 30th of November 2014, there is a ‘buy one, get one free on cocktails on Mondays at Drake & Morgan’s bars and restaurants. There are three locations in the city from which you can choose from. It is worth £7.50 a time, so when you go with a friend, it will be £3.75 for one cocktail each.

Movie Mondays

Anyone who is a Sky TV customer can buy up to two tickets for £3  each to watch any movie, including 3D, in O2 Cineworld in London. You just have to sign in online with your Sky ID details and you can either print your voucher to get your tickets or pre-book online for the upcoming Monday. This can save you nearly £8 per ticket.