Days Out in Summer for Less

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Summer is officially here, and the sun is finally starting to catch on to that fact and coming out to play. Many of us will no doubt want to take advantage of the warm weather for days out or outdoor activities, especially if we have kids who are enjoying time off school. The cost of days out, however, can be quite hefty if you have a whole family paying entry fees.

However, there are a few tactics you can use to enjoy days out for much less than the standard ticket price. Some methods you might want to consider include:

National Trust: Go Scottish

Many of the country’s best parks, gardens and historic homes are in the ownership of the National Trust. However, membership of the National Trust can be expensive, and ticket prices for individual properties can get even more costly if you want to go to a few places.

A cheaper way to gain membership is to join the National Trust for Scotland. Members of Scotland’s national trust don’t need to live there and aren’t confined to Scottish properties. You get full access to National Trust properties throughout the UK, but is noticeably cheaper than standard National Trust membership. Family membership cost £104 with the National Trust but can be as little as £69.40 for its Scottish counterpart (including a first year discount if you set up a direct debit).

Clubcard Points

The Tesco Clubcard is one of the most popular and well-known loyalty cards in the UK, and it also happens to be one of the most flexible. Clubcard points can be spent and redeemed in exchange for a wide range of different things, and this includes entry to a wide range of attractions throughout the UK.

The best bit, however, is the “exchange rate.” Clubcard points convert very favourably into money off vouchers in this category, and quite often the value is 4:1. In other words, for very £2.50s worth of Clubcard points you convert into vouchers (in terms of their standard value as money off of shopping), you will get £10 towards entry to many of the attractions on offer.

The Beach

Beaches are the very archetype of summer days out, and they remain one of the most popular options. In July, August and, if you’re lucky, even September a lot of British beaches do a very passable impression of a sunny holiday destination. Sunbathing, swimming and – for younger family members – building sandcastles and exploring rock pools are all excellent summer activities, made all the better by the fact that beaches are entirely free.

Of course, in practice this isn’t going to translate into a completely free day out. If you don’t happen to have the seaside on your doorstep you will have the cost of getting there. Taking a picnic can keep food costs down, but it’s almost inevitable you’ll end up buying an ice cream or two. Even so, unless you have a very long way to travel on public transport, beaches still represent a much cheaper summer day out than most pay-to-enter attractions.

Saving Money around the House This Summer

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The British Summer

The British summer never ceases to amaze, and yet again it has been a classic dull, dreary start, although with the weather showing signs of improvement with it having been hot for a number of days, maybe there is hope yet. When the sun is out, the British public don’t need any excuse to hit the outdoors, and get immersed in a bunch of activities. However, we all realise how expensive these activities are, especially when prices seem to get higher and higher, year after year.

So whilst these outdoor activities are costing you so much, it is important that you stay on top of your household costs during summer; making sure your summer spending does not spiral out of control. There are many ways to minimise your household expenses, and possibly even save enough to pay for one or two of these outdoor activities.

Utilise the BBQ

The first way to save money at home is to make much more use of your BBQ. Whilst the sun is out and the warm weather surrounds us, don’t use the oven and waste gas/electricity. Use your grill outside and keep the holiday summer food feeling flowing.


Save on Electricity

Another way to save money also involves the outdoors, but this time it is in regards to your clothes. During summer, why waste electricity on using your tumble dryer with your clothes? When the sun is out, use the sun and simply hang your clothes out on the line for a cost effective dry.

Be clever about energy usage

During the summer, it is understandable that you may wish to use your air conditioning to keep you as cool as you can. However, you should only use it from (for example) 11am-5pm, when the heat is at its peak. If we had to, we could go without air conditioning for the other hours, as here in England, admittedly, it’s not that hot at the best of times. On the other hand, if you do not have air conditioning, then a battery powered fan will do. This will save you money on electricity, and additionally still give you a much cooler and more pleasant place to live in.

With the light that summer offers, households rarely need to use their own and therefore you have a chance to save a valuable amount of money in your electricity bills. Along this theme, the same goes for turning your television off when it is not needed, along with other similar appliances, just as a way of using as little electricity as possible.

Back to School Shopping

The ‘back to school’ sales are possibly the best time of year to shop and take advantage of the low prices. Obviously it is peak time to shop for buying your children the correct stuff for their return to school, but there are surprisingly low prices for general home appliances too; giving you a great opportunity to purchase great deals and save even more money before the summer finally ends.


The summer is always a time of year where you seem to lose a lot of money out of your account, but through saving money on your home expenses, you may see that little bit of extra money in your wallet, and maybe even be able to pay for that occasional outdoor trip to keep the family happy.

This article has been written by Toby Fletcher on behalf of Guarantor Loans Online. For more top money saving tips visit their blog.