Get Yourself Free

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If you long for the freedom to travel, this will take money. It needn’t take a lot of money, but it will necessitate at least a certain amount of credit and, better still, some plan for how you will be able to cope financially on your travels and on your return.

So a lot will depend on your personal circumstances of course, but if you’ve read this far, it’s likely that you need at least some financial assistance.

You see a lot of people today living very high on the hog. People with good salaries often spend a lot and give the impression of wealth, but the reality is that they’re tied to their jobs. This is great if they enjoy their work, but a fairly hollow existence if not. And how do many people try to fill the void – by “treating” themselves of course, thereby creating a vicious circle of endless debt.


But most of this is an illusion. The truth is that the average UK household pays more than £3,000 a year in interest on debts today – NOT including mortgage debt, so it’s easy to see why debt management services have become such big business. This figure is over 12% of the average gross salary.

In fact, total credit card debt is approaching £60 billion, and 3.4 million cardholders regularly make only the minimum repayment, thereby maximising their interest charges. It’s crazy, but it’s particularly mad for those who long to be free of the nine-to-five so they can travel and see the world , but continue to spend for the short term distraction it brings.

The reality is that people who earn high incomes and spend it all – and sometimes more – are really wage slaves. If their income dried up, so would the lifestyle.

Real wealth, on the other hand, brings financial freedom. And freedom from debt is the key to building assets and getting yourself free. Some debt may be necessary or even financially advantageous, such as a mortgage, student debt, or a business loan, but generally speaking, debt is not good on anyone’s credit report or mind! So work to free yourself from debt. As you do so, you’re taking the same steps which – if you continue to take them through life – will eventually set you completely free.