Avoid unnecessary spending during the holidays

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Often for many of us Christmas can be a very costly and commercialised holiday with no way to avoid the festive spending. More innovative branding, advertising and new products on the market may see you part with even more of your money than the years before.  Here are some of the top ways you can be made to part with your money so take note to avoid them.

Mobile apps

During the festive season we often let loose and go app crazy with many smart phone applications which are designed to look the part luring us into spending away our money. What many of us don’t know is that there are hundreds of fake applications on the market which are designed to defraud its buyers. According to the firm McAfee such apps obtain personal information stored on our handset and make purchases to the user’s personal account. The best way to avoid this swindle is by checking the app comment section as well as checking up on the authenticity of the creator.

First Class Postal Service

Royal Mail data shows that hundreds of millions festive cards are posted every year to our close friends and relatives. Many of us leave it until late and try to compensate with first class post. Downgrading to second class will save you £10 per 100 cards sent. Surprisingly only 55% of the first class post actually arrived the next day with 90% of second class items on the other hand arriving within their promised three day period.


Charity cards

Millions of Brits every year aim to do at least one good deed around the festive season with the easiest and most tempting way to do this is by sending charity Christmas cards. Some high street shops however, take advantage of the festive good will spirit by charging higher than normal prices and only giving a little away to charity organisations. The Charities Advisory Trust has stated that retailers on average tend to agree that a 10% donation is sufficient from the profit made on charity items. However, findings showed that a card in Asda gave as little as 6.6% away to charity, pocketing the rest!

Extended warranties

The extended warranty offered by most high street electronic and goods stores has been a quick and easy way for companies to increase their profit margins. The holidays can mean purchasing expensive gifts which we wold like our loved ones to use for a long time. However, most electronic items as well as goods in general already come with a 12 month warranty. This is usually extended free of charge by the stores themselves as well as the fact that in England, by law, a store is required to exchange your good for a period of up to six years should you prove it to be faulty.