Frugal top-tips on saving on your energy bill

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With energy companies once again putting their prices up with the latest hike coming from top six provider EDF, many households across the UK will have to take matters into their own hands by maximising their household energy efficiency or simply cutting down their energy consumption. A report suggests that the estimate annual household bill is £1315 although for many households this figure will be a target since the reality is that household energy consumption can easily exceed this estimate.


Here are some top-tips which could save you money on your next energy bill.

Switch to energy efficient lights

Using ordinary halogen lights or old fashioned light bulbs can be a discrete and easy way to use up a large amount of electricity. The trick is to replace your existing bulbs with energy efficient lights which provide the same quality of light but at a drastically less rate of energy consumption. On average the switch could save you up to £75 a year of your electricity bill.

Insulate your walls, loft and floors

Poor house insulation which is more common amongst older buildings and architectures is one of the main factors why many of our houses are so cold in the winter. The heat loss which occurs from unsatisfactory insulation has to be compensate leaving the heating on for longer and possibly at a higher temperature. By ensuring your household is adequately insulated you will prevent large amounts of heat from escaping thus you no longer having to compensate for the loss of heating by spending money on leaving the heating on and warming the streets!

The loft, walls and between the floor gaps are said to be the three principal places where heat is lost the most and so they should be a priority when thinking about securing the insulation in your home. The cost of loft insulation can come as cheap as £100 but may range up to £500 with the yearly saving being £200 which makes this a worthy investment.

Invest in a new boiler

Old boilers which many households have installed may be slow to heat up the water and use high levels of energy when they eventually do so. New boilers are built to be energy efficient and are often great at producing value for money. The new condensing technology allows then to recover a greater amount of energy after usage. This way of saving on energy bills is definitely one for the long run as a good new boiler will cost you some serious money. However, it will pay off in the long run with savings said to be in the £250 region per year.