Five Quick and Easy Ways of Saving Money

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1. Change your energy power provider

This winter will be tough for most middle to low income families due to the bump up in energy prices companies such as nPower and British Gas have introduced, with other suppliers also quite likely to do the same. Changing your supplier can be quick and easy from start to finish taking less than an hour.

2. Plant food in your garden

It only takes a few minutes to throw a few seeds around the garden and arrange some pots of tomatoes in the empty corners. This could save you both time and money in the long run with salad bags costing in the region of £1.50 in comparison to a bag of seeds which comes in at just 99p or less. Growing your own will save you having to make trips to the shops thus reducing your petrol or ticket costs as well as reducing the amount of rubbish that is thrown away by your household. Great and tasty gardening ideas can be found at numerous online resources.

13. Return unused items to the shops

We all have things lying around the house which we have bought but have either lost interest in or just didn’t bother with the moment we walked out of the shop with it. It is worth considering returning such recently bought and unused items as they can both unclog the house and get you back some cash! Find the receipt and see what the return policy is on the item which may also be found online. Most shops should either give you your money back or offer you store credit which you can then use to purchase something you really need. For further information regarding your rights as a consumer, visit the Citizens Advice website which offers great guidance.

4. Ensure you are on the right tax code

Using the PAYE format informs your employer how much tax exactly he needs to pay on your behalf before you even see the money. Often a wrong code can mean that you lose out on thousands of pounds. Visiting the HMRC’s website will provide you with all the information you need to check on what tax code is the right one for you. Often people find out that they have overpaid tax and are due a lump sum back which is always a bonus.

5. Cancel unwanted direct debits

How many of us still have that gym membership we no longer use but are still shelling out the monthly rate, which of course depending on the gym, can amount to staggering sums. Other things we may also overlook are meaningless insurance covers or magazine subscriptions which we don’t need or simply can do without. Go and check your online bank statement and cancel all unnecessary subscriptions. You might find yourself to be in a much more stable position the following month.